One Shot Wednesday 23 March


He follows the sun
beneath his feet,
ponders if darkness
shines up from starburn
on Earth’s opposite side
or if light is the shadow
of absence.

Complexities abound;
nothing is seen.
Each sound echoes
through limitless black,
builds into more
than simple sight would share.

Light clutters the view.

He forgets the sun,
settles into darkness,
enjoys its multiplicities.


23 thoughts on “One Shot Wednesday 23 March

  1. The first stanza is classic, matt, every word a barnburner of an image that ignites in the brain, then the mood follows the message and becomes gradually contemplative and full of the mysterious peace of night. Really nice balance, and a fine write.

  2. We’re rocking on sensory input this week, Matt. I’m in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the finishing 3 lines. The multiplicites of darkness. The dark can be so many different things to different people, yes, but so many different things to one person, as well.

    Great write and a terrific read.

  3. Maybe I have a short attention span, but I really enjoy shorter pieces. What you have done here, with an economy of words, is to produce quite a thought provoking piece. Like others have commented, I was struck by this phrase” “or if light is the shadow of absence.” Pretty brilliant stuff. Vb

  4. “…Light clutters the view…” I love how you put this in your poem. It’s a ‘first time’ insight that gives light the opposite view. It’s usually seen as the one that brings clutter to light but you turned this around and it’s a great image and a wonderful thought! Thank you!

  5. Really enjoyed this one. This morning I was thinking about negative space, a concept in art, where you paint the spaces between objects first. The no-thingness, or darkness. Darkness is only a degree of light.

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