micropoems for one shot wednesday

Dawn broke
and no one could fix it.

jet contrail
the negotiable blue

It seemed like porn
but enjambed
in odd places.

The pristine sheen
of an unwrapped life.

desert sand
cool to the touch

In a flash drive world
he was a mimeograph.

Weary waves
wash the shore
of my mind
while gulls call
Sleep! Sleep!

March blossoms
by a change
of wind.

Goldfish don’t break
your heart for long,
soon launched
from one bowl
to another.

TEPCO official
assures the public
his glow
is healthy.

Environmentalist dog
leaves nothing
to waste,
all excretions

Summer sun
chain smokes

A quiet Chihuahua
can only be
or dead.

between us
and our world,
we content ourselves
with virtual

He remembered
the faded outline
of her voice.


[TEPCO Β = Β Tokyo Electric Power Company]


27 thoughts on “micropoems for one shot wednesday

  1. I went from inner laughter to more serious contemplation…as I should.

    These are all great…zingers in the form of poems…..

    Lady Nyo

  2. Wow. That last line spelling out TEPCO changed everything. I was sent right back to read the poem again. Haunting.

    I love this line: In a flash drive world/he was a mimeograph.

  3. Are these all your twitter babies? Really enjoyed the read as a whole some couplets and ditties stood out as stand alone, especially the

    He remembered
    the faded outline
    of her voice.

    what a way to bring all these little poems to a close. Genius!

  4. brillant micro – presenting a macro of the world…well done….and delightfully enjoyable to read…thank you…bkm

  5. Wow..that is mighty impressive. Your creative juices were really flowing…this is pure gold:

    In a flash drive world
    he was a mimeograph.

    Really awesome effort all around. Vb

  6. Wonderful, loved the second to last stanza of “clarity” ~ love the use of metaphors… well done! ~April

  7. You pack a lot into a few syllables, my friend. Nice work. I particularly like the penultimate one, as I am a symmetry obsessor and the visual shape is appealing as well as the content.

    Warmest Salad

    Luke @ WordSalad

  8. So much droll wisdom here. My favorites:

    “In a flash drive world
    he was a mimeograph.”

    I’m thinking ‘me too’!


    “Summer sun
    chain smokes

    Well done!

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