New Poem

One Shot Wednesday poetry is the post below this one.



The Bradford Pear tree
bursts in white bouquets
all over its tulip bulb
shaped crown.

Though an ornament
of suburban blandscapes
it is able to overcome
the requisite decree
to be perfunctory,
holding its halo aloft
the early weeks of spring,
then trailing petals
before the Summer.

Yet its wood is brittle,
slender trunk snapping
in strong winds,
withstanding little,
as is the case
with much of beauty,
tiara tumbling to the ground.


7 thoughts on “New Poem

  1. Tiara tumbling to the ground how a few words can just be the crown and glory of poetry these are wonderful expressive words for the ending to such a wonderful journey you took me the reader through the season spring of this pear tree .. really beeutifully expressed in word & visual beez:)

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