NaPoWriMo #9

Household Verse Item #8

Suggested by @ErikkaBettyneS

I’ve never owned one.

A friend bragged
on how well hers cleaned,
never leaving a bit of dirt.
Then she handed me a tumbler
of juice.

The glass was mottled
white, murky
like dipped in milk
which had hardened
in a thin film
over its surface.

The detergent etched a map
of its war on food,
bored a cascade of chemical
into the smooth, clear finish,

made me uncertain
whether even now
it might be warring
with the contents
I was about to drink.


4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo #9

  1. Great stuff, all this kitchen stuff. Sorry I haven’t been around sooner, but it is, after all April; you know how that goes. I’m just tryin to get caught up.
    All good. Especially loved the teapot piece.

  2. Unreal you Even are able to make poetry bakes perfect in the kitchen have been buzzing around having a wee read here and there. There is nothing that has not made me bounce and buzz with Joy :)) beez.

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