NaPoWriMo #12

Briefly veering from Household Verse.
One Shot Wednesday offering!

Grand Houses

The finest marble
weathers worst,
stone angels and lambs
blurring to a wash
of white ripples.

Wind and rain
trace hidden veins
in folds of stone,
release the art of nature
and efface the human
claim to a name.


27 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo #12

  1. your poem is beautifully written…the way nature takes over our man-made forms, with an art of its own… melting over the test of time…your descriptions are sensitive and visual…wonderful poetry…

  2. So amazing how you’ve written this….such structures have a tendency to really capture my attentions in the artistic form, and the thoughts upon the creator….wonderful work! ~April

  3. Such a sense of the impermanence of things here, unarguable and final, a deflation of pretension and a putting in perspective that leaves no doubt. All in some excellent, flowing and sharp language. Nicely done, Matt.

  4. My kind of poem.

    “stone angels and lambs
    blurring to a wash
    of white ripples.”

    Ah, the pretensions of Man.
    Forget the marble marker for me.
    Burn me and put half the ashes in the ocean
    And bury half under a tree.

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