I’m Alive!

Truth in Advertising

The dandelion weeder,
stainless steel shank
with forked tongue tip,
slides beside the root,
breaks earth’s
hermetic seal
and releases
the white webbing
of deer’s tongue,
curly dock,
cypress spurge
and henbit—
all weeds
which cling
to the depths,
snap their root
and reverse
of a chameleon
a new beast
from the


7 thoughts on “I’m Alive!

  1. I use a sharpshooter (not a guy with a gun, but a long, thin, pointy-bladed shovel) but when I was in Hort class my teacher showed a photo of a dandelion regrowing from a hole where someone had blasted it with dynamite…so resistance is futile, for the reverse-chameleon analogy reason you set forth so intelligently above.

    Nice to see a poem about the other side of all those $#@%! spring flowers. Nice you’re alive, also. 😉

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