Multiple Shot Wednesday

I always feel my brain freezes up when it comes time for One Shot Wednesday.  Meeting expectations, etc….



My memories
only return
when shoved
in my ear.

I measure
my life
in lines.

You Can Take the Idiot out of the Village….

He left the small town,
shoveled learning
into his brain
and returned
a more educated

Old lady in sparkles,
feathers and bright colors:
Glam raisin.

His face released
the fierce rage
of his passing.

Chewing over
No calories.

all the mountaintops
and despairing

Polar bear
tips the ice
from beneath,
slides a seal
into his mouth.

chills patrons
to autumn.

Distant future
turned distant past,
doppler roar of time’s train
leaves me gray haired
in its wake.


19 thoughts on “Multiple Shot Wednesday

  1. A very interesting write. I confess I get a little anxious about One Stop Wednesday also, but must be getting a little more relaxed because I left a poem up that was posted Monday. My favourite part of your poem was the old lady in sparkles, feathers and bright colours who is a glam raisin. We’ve all seen her and she’s not pretty. Aging gracefully is an art form, as is doing a wonderful write which you have accomplished!

  2. These poems are both great together i can see why you choose yes .. shovelled learning his face released lol repeating what im reading here again ! :*) just love all .. with meaning & bravo what meaning you give, to each word …life! always beez

  3. Seen many of these on twitter, but they benefit from multiple readings. Particularly like the “glam raisin”, but they’re all little capsules of words that go straight into the nervous system when swallowed and produce a relieving burst of firing neurons. Excellent work, Matt. You excel at the short form.

  4. The stanza about the educated bigot is my favorite of them all! This was a very good collective group if this is what happens when your brain freezes i can only imagine what its like when its up and going!

  5. The only expectations you have to meet are your own. I like all of these, and especially the face releasing/ the fierce rage / of his passing.

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