A poem for Thursday

Not sure if it’s good, bad or indifferent.

Sail On

Not anchored
in present
or past, brown eyes
fixed on empty space,
white hair listless
as the sea
of her body,
she drifts away.

I follow her
beyond the buoys
that mark our shores
into mirror waters
covered by gray,
featureless sky.

Cloud lightning
flashes above,
random sparks
of memory bloom
and fade,
never striking.

No markers
to the days,
faces float past
mouthing words
that mean nothing

and I
drift with her
between waking
and sleep.


7 thoughts on “A poem for Thursday

  1. If you’ve looked at my blog you know that I’ve lost three aunts and an uncle to Alzheimer’s and my mother to Lewy body dementia. I can really relate to this poem. I saw on twitter that you deleted some of the last verse. Hope you didn’t delete all of it, as I think your reaction is important to include, and those first two lines describe exactly how it feels.

  2. This is so sweet. I read dreams, sleep, love and desire. I love the line: and I drift with her between waking and sleep…

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