Reclined on the couch
with a book,
cup of tea,
shawl around her shoulders
and kitty curled
at her feet,
she waits for a change
in the weather
that may never come,
keeps an empty home
to prepare for snowbound days
when none can reach her.


10 thoughts on “Forecast

  1. Comfort of being alone is fun for a time, but being unreachable all the time has no comfort at all. Well said.

    And of course a cat or two will do..haha

  2. I need a shawl and a cup of tea myself after reading this one. Made me shiver. Thank god I can get out of the house on the internet, until the Apocalypse, anyway. ;_) Good stuff, as always, Matt.

  3. enjoyed your poem so very much…and oh how i can relate to it…”when no one can reach her”…the time we spend alone can be equally as valuable as it is lonely…but just for a moment to ponder the quiet, our kitty, letting our thoughts wander where they may…tucked away…

    i wish you the best always, lovely poem lovely person you are…

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