Sole Mates

Our shoes conform to us
we break them in. They become
to our stride, familiar friends,
drawn round the tarsals,
to the comfort of toes and
till heeding too well our
they wear at the heel, on the outside
or at the ball of the foot,
and fray until we walk
then into another pair
to be pitched, just like the
dVerse Shoe Poem Prompt


31 thoughts on “Sole Mates

  1. It’s a disposable world. When I was a kid, there were shoe makers who put new soles on and fixed and fixed until it was no longer possible. Those shoes had stories to tell. Having a tongue helps with that I guess.

  2. I had a pair of boots once. I had them for 11 years. I had them resoled at least 6 times, and reheeled more than that. I would still have them yet, but the outsides by the pinkie toe wore out and there was nothing left to attach a new sole to. Broke my heart.

    This is an inspired piece of sole searching, Matt

  3. I have my fav shoes too… I never wanted to throw them away. I still keep those shoes with “good” memories.

    Nice take on the prompt and title too ~

  4. Walking past and into another pair – like the phases of our life… love the symbol you place on the shoe in this write…well done…bkm

  5. I can not commit to a new pair until I have bid the old a proper adieu…guess that probably makes me worse than a crazy shoe lady…I must ponder this further, because of this poem! 🙂

  6. Loved the poem. I think shoes need to be kept and enjoyed as they do become part of us especially if they are supportive with a good fit. Pity the days of a good neighborhood cobbler are gone, and even when they’re there, they send them off to be repaired.
    Thanks, Gay

  7. It seems like they are perfectly worn in just as it is about time to let them go. My dad used to get his shoes re-soled. No one ever does that anymore. Maybe I should try that next time I don’t want to let go of a favorite pair 🙂

  8. AKA Tom Eliot.

    A melancholic beauty resides within these words. Entropy – a physical degeneration – ageing. An extension of us.
    A very thoughtful expression – I felt this one poemblaze.

  9. I too still have fond memories of some of my old shoes–sole mates. So hard to have to let them go…

    This is great–I enjoyed the memories and feelings it invoked.

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