Anders Behring Breivik

He has the cheeful,
confident look
of the insane.

He believes
a futile wind blows
around the immovable stone
of his logic,

thus he can smile,
placid and assured,
though he knows
he is vilified
for the virtuous slaughter
of a frightening future

where we might live
among those who are different
and wish them no ill,
perhaps even venturing
to love.

Tämä on huono käännös suomeksi.

Anders Behring Breivik

Hän on iloinen ja luottavainen kasvot. Hänen kasvonsa ovat kuin hullu mies.

Hän uskoo tuuli puhaltaa turhaan noin hänen logiikkaa. On kovaa kuin kivi. Mies hymyilee: rauhallinen ja varma, vaikka hän tietää on vilified teurastukseen hän on tehnyt. Hän uskoo olevansa estää pelottava tulevaisuus. Ihmiset saattavat elää niiden keskuudessa, jotka eivät poikkea niistä ja toivotan heille mitään haittaa, ehkä jopa rakastaa heitä.


6 thoughts on “Anders Behring Breivik

  1. Beautiful piece. Whenever I hear of men who cause people to suffer and die this way, I wish I could get to know more about them because there must be something hidden under their smiles which can explain this behavior. And when I say I’d like to get to know more about them, I mean for myself. I should have been a journalist I guess, or a psychiatrist if I weren’t crazy myself.

    Amazing poem, Matt.

  2. That smile of his reminds me so of Timothy McVeigh. They say they are willing to ‘make the sacrifice’ for their insane paranoiac psychopathic dogma, but others always seem to have to sacrifice their lives for it,too, so the psycho’s name can be writ large across a mind-knumbingly stupid and wasteful legacy. Thanks for speaking up, Matt.

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