At Lafayette Square

Wren stands
on the round
stainless steel table top,

feet tread a burnished surface
which shimmers as water,
even in shade.

She looks up at me
expecting food
but I am behind glass.

After a moment, she hops
to the chair back
and flies.

The tables there are round now. LOL.
Loosely following the dVerse poem prompt.

23 thoughts on “At Lafayette Square

  1. When written in this way poetry appears to freeze time and suspend the flux or at least slow the moment down long enough for us to reflect upon it.

    She looks up at me
    expecting food
    but I am behind glass.

    Is this an allusion?
    My speculation is irrelevant – thanks eddying my flow – long enough to sip a little silence.

  2. Matt…thank you for coming by my post and letting me know you enjoyed my poem.
    I like your poem above…
    love your phrasing and word choices
    to create the flow
    through out the poem.
    ā˜® Siggi in Downeast Maine

  3. A moment in time, along with a well-filled latte cup layered with meanings and images to wake up with. I like the way you worked in the prompt so subtly, also.

  4. … but i am behind glass and tje flying… this could have more layers than what would think first… at least it gave me food for thought… well done matt

  5. A moment captured! I could so hang at one of those tables, round or otherwise and soak up some inspiration. Great moment…great catch!

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