Raising the Dead

It’s difficult
to get them to bathe
or to see the point
of attending school,
eating their spinach,
respecting others’ opinions.

They huddle on street corners
and laugh at the living,
so un-cool,
so unaware.

And for their part,
the living
walk right through the dead
not even noticing
they’re there.

A basic lack
of communication.

I’ve seen it
a thousand times.
Since no one pays attention
they run around rattling chains,
squealing like pigs,
slamming doors
but they don’t know why.

You sit down
and try to talk some sense
into the dead
but they pay no heed,

they think
they have forever.


30 thoughts on “Raising the Dead

  1. I’ve often found patience a must, and if you really want to hold their attention, a stern voice is often required. I find it funny how most of these lost and wondering souls are more than content to tell me how I should live my life…even more so now that I have committed to a particular path. Like I said in the beginning, patience is a must… Enjoyed the write…as always!

  2. it is a tasty piece…i know too many living dead, so i understand it on that level, but also a general lack of respect for the dead in general…and even dead does not last forever, you know…smiles.

  3. I think it was Oscar Wilde (not sure) who said: “Youth is wasted on the young”
    This is all so true, I have a 15 yr old teen who has to be super cool to fit in with her pals, it’s sad because it’s all such an act.
    Fabulous write!

  4. Love it. I know plenty of badly-behaved dead people who refuse to stay silent. Your poem made me go right back to the top and read it again. Great piece.

  5. I think I’m with them on the whole spinach thing. though I do think after awhile I’d get sick of “rattling chains, / squealing like pigs, / slamming doors” and of forever.

    quite an enjoyable read.

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