I fold a diamond
and a paper dream,
bend the head down
and the eyes appear.

A blink,
alert, knowing,
so I set the wings aright,
hold warm flesh
on my palm.

Flapping, it rises, flies
to my beloved
and reminds her
I near
one thousand.

Then I’ll wish a bridge
we might walk across


1000 Paper Cranes explained on Wikipedia

Start Folding!


34 thoughts on “Tsuru

  1. Exquisite folding of words and dreams. truly one of my favorites of yours, Matt. And thanks for the wiki link–fascinating, and adds depth to the poem.

  2. I cried reading about Sadako Sasaki, thank you; I had not heard her story. Cranes stand as sentries at the eternal flame of peace. A beautiful poem, I especially loved the idea that the practice brought the bird to life, just as your words brought us the gift of a deeper engagement with life.

  3. I have learned origami in my life and read the thousand cranes book. It’s in my library; I should have another quick read. It was so beautiful.

    Great stuff here Matt. I like the way you unfold for us! G.

  4. I read this and imagine I’m sitting in the Japanese Garden’s meditation house at Shaw’s Garden. It has that kind of structured simplicity about it. Well done, Matt.

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