Drawn through love’s risky shoals
to a small island built of poetry
and interrupted conversations

we meet between worlds
while birds chatter here
dogs bark there
and my cicadas sing dusk
to your dark night.

Before bed
you teach me lessons
in a new language
where yes is close to sin
and the need seems precise.

Yet we wait
patient in the knowledge
our heartbeats find each other

again and again
no matter how vast
the ocean.


25 thoughts on “Refuge

  1. Lovely work, Matt. If a heart can have a shadow, you’ve shined your poetic light on my heart and others, no doubt. A wonderful expression of emotion and impression.

  2. a new language where yes is close to sin…haha…that is one risk i def dont mind taking…the knowledge our heart beats find in each other…another very nice line…great piece…

  3. I’m glad to see so many comments here. People can always relate to love, it’s great use for a world where we do need it. This poem is lovely and very personal, I can’t pick a favorite line or stanza, every words speaks to my heart here. Patience, and you two will be together, as right as rain.



  4. i wonder if you write about a love affair on the internet where the lovers are in different countries…far away from each other…the disrupted conversations….the foreign language…very nice write matt

  5. Matt, nice write. Really enjoyed the blending of worlds, fantasy and reality, reflection and the concrete. Very nicely done:)

  6. Hot. Sweet. Loving. Rejeuvenating. (Sorry, never could spell the latter word.)

    I know these interrupted conversations well. Such is life in love. Nicely told, the part about the shoals and islands is lovely.

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