Without a Subject

The world
rests between my palms,
trembling, unsteady.

I snap
and tear a piece
then let the rest drop.

A tree
and bit of sky
travel beside me

on a string,
hid from all.

With other
gathered shards
I patch

a planet
of my choosing,
not complete

lacking you.


22 thoughts on “Without a Subject

  1. Fun to play a god dangling the world on a string. Then you become human again, missing the one that would make it complete. A tight, great write.

  2. Hm, sounds exactly like the experience of writing poetry. Tearing off a piece of the world, dropping what you don’t need for the poem, patching together some shards into verse…but without a subject, the poem is left incomplete. Without ‘you’, ‘I’ am incomplete. We all need a subject.

  3. The visual qualities of these images are almost photographic–I can see the bit of torn off world that dangles by a string. Another fine example of the minimal doing maximum work, and the poem made all the more effective by it. Fine piece, Matt.

  4. oh yes…without the loved one…nothing makes sense any more…very nice matt…neatly expressed…and hey thanks for your sestina teaching at dVerse last week…that was great

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