Parting the Sky

Rain slants
across the space
between us,
eddies the air
with countless swirls
around numberless drops.
So infinite a disturbance,
yet we do not sense
the churning wake.


2 thoughts on “Parting the Sky

  1. I love metaphors, and this one is not just poetic, it is artistic…….. and emotional. Your conservative use of words is well gifted, each line a picture worth a thousand words…. “So infinite a disturbance” is so powerful that two or three paragraphs of my own couldn’t match its imagery or the depth of understanding it reaches….. That’s how I feel as a poet…

    As a reader, wow! Been there, done that too often… The little hints drop, the little clues fall all around and you remain oblivious, either out of sheer ignorance or want, a need to make that turbulence between the two of you disappear. It usually marks the beginning of something unpleasant, a break up? A loss of love, or a lessening of of love. Or respect. Truth in life. You are a very fine poet.

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