In Early Autumn

Rose of sharon
casts silhouettes
of leaf and stem
on the window seat,
pink blossoms
already gone.


Photo also by me.


3 thoughts on “In Early Autumn

  1. Love Roses of Sharon! Our first two homes had them on the property and they were just magnificent. There was a huge one on our first property, it seemed like entire colonies of bees buzzing around it during bloom, but I could mow and mow all around it and it didn’t bother those bees a bit, they were so busy. I love how you took this very simple moment in time, a shadow cast on a cushion…. and turned it into another moment of beauty…… Sometimes I’m convinced that only artists minds can notice these truly touching little things in life, Miss Poet……

  2. Now that my Mom is your has been fan, I read your stuff to anyone near my desk. I enjoyed hearing Begats tonight remembering reading it in Wisconsin. Already gone.

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