Four poems in one post

My tongue creased
by a paper arrow,
I lick
the envelope flap.

The iron taste of blood
seals my words.

I saw the turn
of her ankle
and made any excuse
to say hello.
Now we sign
the document,
the happiest
we’ve ever been
to sign away our lives.

I spin the globe
upon my desk
and land a finger
on Kathmandu.

Beneath distant mountains
the buzz of humanity,
a foreign tongue,
tiered and domed pagodas,
curious spices, the sprawl
of a city so vast.

I fall headlong in their midst
No one notices
another Western tourist.

Dusting myself off
I begin a new life.

A gray business suit,
he sits
at a translucent desk.
a top and four legs.

He spreads papers
to hide behind.
He thinks of fig leaves,
then the apple.

Always hiding
even when fully clothed.


6 thoughts on “Four poems in one post

  1. one of the most beeutiful of poems i have read Matt truly love all about this so open honest like you have taken the suit off and showed a part of yourself many do hide Your writing aways has me in awe always beez 🙂

  2. Simple and so deep. I got the picture and the feeling, really a beautiful poem. I loved the last words “Always hiding, even when fully clothed” true and sad.


  3. I like the biblical reference of the apple and fig leaves…. the arm chair grey suited adventurer has tied himself in knots and is confronted with the ever present temptation of breaking out of the mold but instead hides behind those fig leaves.

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