At the Banquet

He felt their glances,
heard the faint murmurs,
saw the crumb of disdain
drop in his soup.

He fished it out
with his spoon,
covered it with
his napkin.

It was nothing
and everything.


The latest poem for dVerse Open Link Night.


19 thoughts on “At the Banquet

  1. love the idea of fishing crumbs of disdain out of a soup with a spoon…ah..lots of things can fall into a soup during a meal when you eat with difficult people…or relatives…ugh….

  2. Ooo, how insightful and forceful, as it all lands on the last stanza.

    Nice powerful short piece…that can stand up to the big boys.

    I really love that last stanza….the finisher.

  3. Spare and full…at the same time. We all do care what others think of us…tho we treat it as crumbs of disdain in our soup. Terrific write! That will be with me for a long time!

  4. Disdain dropped into a meal – at restaurants, on dates, by family. So delicately handled. No emotional response just an inner anguish buried with all the rest of the crumbs of self-esteem dumped into our subconscious festering our sense of self-doubt. Powerful write, my friend. Extreme poetry – tight and succinct!

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