Kodachrome, 1940

A small town fair
in late spring, two women
stand at a rough board table.
One dishes applesauce, the other
slices lemon meringue pie.

A mingling crowd behind:
men in tan fedoras
and rumpled jackets,
women in long cloth coats.
One child grasps
a yellow balloon,
another opens her mouth
to bite a piece of cake
she holds in her small hand.

Who knew
the trees had green leaves
and rough, brown bark,
that people’s clothes
were vibrant rainbows,
not infinite shades
of gray?

Who knew
the sky was an azure bowl?

I step through
and hold the left woman’s hand,
turn her wrist and feel
the beat of her heart
in a blue vein.

Taking in the light breeze,
I note the scent
of now.

I am
but a possibility,
as the past.

The image on which the poem is based.


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