Angels Unaware

We walk between
angel wings
on rundown avenues
never knowing how close
a bit of heaven has come.

Unseen currents run
through downtown doorways,
sway signs
at the payday loan
and 7-eleven.

Should I pirouette for joy
or give the man
rocking back and forth
on the corner a dollar
because the angels
didn’t bother?


13 thoughts on “Angels Unaware

  1. Really hard hitting of sorts there at the end. A decision that might seem simple enough but could be a reason the angels didn’t bother. Who knows what we pass by each day too.

  2. Yeah…nice to believe in angels…but you’re right…where are they…sometimes when we really need them? Nice stab in the gut, Matt!

  3. Bark left me confused as to storyline, though not emotion. Thanks, I needed a good cry before Christmas. I feel like Angels was written for me.
    Did I understand correctly that your computer died?–I may have a lead for you.

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