In Extremis

Wounding stars
stab the sky
with colander pinpricks.
They pour out streams
of infinite light
dammed behind.

The points join
to form a dance
of animals,
men and women,
God’s magic lantern
revealing glimpses
of divine white
in earthly shapes.

A multiplicity of color
stirs into heaven’s gleam

and into its absence.
Both Heaven and Hell
made of the same substance,
A light deep as darkness
and darkness blazing as light.

In either
we search sightless
for walls never found.

This poem for the dVerse Open Link Night which opens this afternoon.


25 thoughts on “In Extremis

  1. I like the opening and ending lines…nice contrasting images of light and darkness, heaven and hell.

    “In either
    we search sightless
    for walls never found.”

    Hope the holidays are peaceful and joyful ~

  2. Striking analogy–very visual and complete. Excellent work, Matt. (And glad you liked my grandfather–I wish I knew more about him but I never asked the right questions when he was alive.)

  3. Wonderful, wonderful words weaved throughout the ether of the nighttime sky. I do so love the idea of it as a pin pricked colander…who knew such words could be so poetic 🙂 Loved it! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday!

  4. I too, like that colander image. I’ll never drain spaghetti again without thinking of your imagry here. The entire poem has incredibly original and beautiful imagry of heaven and hell…like the use of darkness and light. Think this is a favorite for me, Matt. Beautiful work!

  5. Wow the sky truly never felt so alive, those stars really have it out for someone with all the stabbing going on..haha…great verse, brought the sky to life in a whole new light.

  6. Often wished I
    to know the sky–
    and now I do
    thanks to you

    Heaven and Hell, one devoid, other brimming, but of the same substance…breathing, living, infinite souls. Am I far off from understanding?

    Your gallery of words painted here are SO special. Thank You!

  7. oh creative poetry is my favourite type, and those opening lines had me hooked for sure – so good! “Wounding stars
    stab the sky
    with colander pinpricks.” – love those lines – really great poem here! shall check back in on this blog! 🙂

  8. Wonderful images…
    my favorite being:

    “Wounding stars
    stab the sky
    with colander pinpricks.”…

    It drew me in and kept me through out the poem.

    Thanks for the images of the sky…and beyond.

    Siggi in Downeast Maine

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