I lie in bed
of others’ days.

Toucans call
from the jabuticaba tree.
The jungle deepens.

I am myself
with or without you.
But with you
I am more myself.

Moon bathes
in the river,
dries in the sky.

Morning sun touches
the shoulder
of a sleeping hillside.

Having no idea
where I stand
I’ll sit down.

I’ll find my way
to you
if you wish
to be found.

The wind
reads my face
as braille.

The moon sighed
uncertain I should visit her
then rose complaining
I was not there
to caress her silver face.

Birds rose
as one
bright bloom.

They carve
their recollections
on his face
and note
he’s changed.

If not this life
I will find your love
branch to branch.

Winter wind
wraps the moon
in frost.


5 thoughts on “Micropoems

  1. How lovely. I have many “favorites” but it is impossible to chose an order…so many wonderful little wonders here.
    “The wind
    reads my face
    as braille.”
    is magnificent ..I can see it happen with my eyes closed.
    Thank you for sharing these.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

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