Batteries Included

My thoughts are coded
messages to tomorrow.
I wear tin foil underwear
to get better reception
but she still said no.
The wind marches on
despite resistance
in some quarters.
All quarters are named George.
Mount Vernon. How often?
Does it hurt
to get your face
stamped on a coin?
Questions rarely work in a poem.
Only answers get anywhere.
I filled my gas tank with answers
but I’m still here.
The tires are round
but only work
I would sled
but there’s no snow,
not even on TV anymore.
Stars hide
in the light of the city
and the cover of clouds
but blaze from billboards
and movie marquees.
There’s a jagged edge
to even the smoothest blade.
You can find it with fingertips.
My doctor suggests lithium.
I’ve eaten three batteries,
getting a charge
I’d not expected.


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