Earth rolls
to rub us off.
We crawl over her skin
and burrow, then raise
crusty lesions.
Tentacles spread
between the sores.
We name these all with pride,
Paris and Beijing,
the Pan American Highway
and Autobahn:
mange on a stray dog
we think we own
because we ride her.

For the dVerse Open Link Night


26 thoughts on “Dogging

  1. And then we curse the wild life for having no habitat left to hunt for food in and so they have the nerve to come into a town and then we shoot them. I am so with you on this! Well said.

  2. This is fine work Matt–and my husband and I have actually had this discussion and used a very similar simile, we’re all ticks, just hanging on, sucking her blood till she drops down dead. Keep writing, maybe someone will pay attention, is what I say.

  3. Oh, my sentiments…yes! We think we are the ultimate…humanity does…when we are not even the penultimate. Very good work here, Matt! Brutal and original!

  4. Great work. The idea of us being parasites on the earth may not be new, but sarcoptic mange?! 🙂 That works really well to get your important message powerfully across. I love the crusty lesions, the rolling to get us off, the concept of the Earth being driven to distraction by the itching as we burrow. Very strong analogy, well executed. The veterinarian in me completely hears your message.

  5. WOW….. man I LOVE everything you write. You leave me stunned whenever you put your mind to a topic. I’m ALWAYS awestruck when you write. Keep going, poet!!!!! BLAZING!!!!!!

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