Heidi Gets a Handel

A child of vigilance
and hatred,
at least toward spinach,
she searched the fridge’s
sixteen plastic containers
for last night’s leftovers.

Multitudinous possible punishments
considered, deemed of no account,
the garbage disposal
sang the Alleluia Chorus.

@gavroche challenged me to write a poem using three particular words. See if you can guess which ones.  My opinion of the poem has improved a bit since others said they like it.  Thanks.

Please check out other poems written for the dVerse open link night!


27 thoughts on “Heidi Gets a Handel

  1. Ha, I’m sure Heidi is not the first child who chose the garbage disposal. I have one here who can’t stand bell peppers & tomatoes and would gladly hear a chorus (of any kind) from the garbage disposal. Really enjoy your poetry, and I feel like you do with some of my dVerse pieces too. You write great stuff and this piece made me smile.

  2. Unless it is intricately woven among layers of lasagna cheese, spinach should hit that disposal…I’d happily step up to sing in that choir! Fun write, blazing with your unique voice. You be WAY too hard on your words, Poet!

    • I was a momentary crack addict or something. For a second I forgot it was someone else’s tweet I’d RT’d and thought it was mine. That’s when you REALLY like someone’s writing!

  3. I’m thinkin’ plastic and not Alleluia – it’s like you to add your own Alleluia’s! Multitudinous and disposal perhaps (just to be a bit different). Well these challenges are always fun. That’s how I arrived at my crab poem and in time came to like it. This is a different sound from you, but your voice nonetheless.
    Enjoyed it, friend.

  4. Dang you are modest, this hardly sucks. Fun write. I love the image of “sixteen plastic containers” shoved in there.

  5. Wish you’d stop the self-denigration…you’re one of the best around. This is a P.S. Already commented on the poem. YOU DO NOT SUCK….get it?

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