Begotten, Not Made

The day to change
everything unfolded slow
as a flower, color
already established
because he was inside:

His day was a flower,
but the leaving
was through a door of silk
from a windowless cell.

After waiting
his allotted time,
he rose on wings
and met the world,
to sting
and sting
and sting.



She pulverized cooked turnips
and folded them in
with the mashed potatoes,
as if we wouldn’t notice
the flavor of Satan
settling on our tongues,
sulphur along with the mild
buttery goodness
of the unassuming spud.

I don’t recall
who won
the test of wills,
I just remember
us surviving
what God

Batteries Included

My thoughts are coded
messages to tomorrow.
I wear tin foil underwear
to get better reception
but she still said no.
The wind marches on
despite resistance
in some quarters.
All quarters are named George.
Mount Vernon. How often?
Does it hurt
to get your face
stamped on a coin?
Questions rarely work in a poem.
Only answers get anywhere.
I filled my gas tank with answers
but I’m still here.
The tires are round
but only work
I would sled
but there’s no snow,
not even on TV anymore.
Stars hide
in the light of the city
and the cover of clouds
but blaze from billboards
and movie marquees.
There’s a jagged edge
to even the smoothest blade.
You can find it with fingertips.
My doctor suggests lithium.
I’ve eaten three batteries,
getting a charge
I’d not expected.


I lie in bed
of others’ days.

Toucans call
from the jabuticaba tree.
The jungle deepens.

I am myself
with or without you.
But with you
I am more myself.

Moon bathes
in the river,
dries in the sky.

Morning sun touches
the shoulder
of a sleeping hillside.

Having no idea
where I stand
I’ll sit down.

I’ll find my way
to you
if you wish
to be found.

The wind
reads my face
as braille.

The moon sighed
uncertain I should visit her
then rose complaining
I was not there
to caress her silver face.

Birds rose
as one
bright bloom.

They carve
their recollections
on his face
and note
he’s changed.

If not this life
I will find your love
branch to branch.

Winter wind
wraps the moon
in frost.