Bus Stop on a February Night

Gray shreds
of yesteryear’s grass
lie flattened in mud.
They alternate with
cigarette butts
on earth’s damp skin.

Looking up from these,
coffeehouse lights
invite, as the park
across the street
would during day.

Evening hangs
with mist,
draws my eyes
to the ground, again,
between sidewalk and street

where sky waters
a patch of land
which has borne
too much of us.

In spring
it will brighten with green,


Based on today’s dVerse prompt to focus on an object and bring it to life.  If it fits the prompt, fine. If not, at least it got me to write something.


7 thoughts on “Bus Stop on a February Night

  1. You paint a very vivid picture of that patch of earth skin. I particularly like the phrase: “a patch of land/ which has borne/ too much of us.” but the whole thing is fine. I’m reminded again of the poem you wrote a few weeks ago that made such an impression on me. You feel the earth very deeply, and I admire that.

  2. I sometimes get carried away with patterns in a small bit of ground. I would never have thought to turn it into poetry; yet, you have with such tenderness and insight. Really has amazing impact, Matt.

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