An assemblage
of broken moments,
gear spring and cogs
loosed from the housing
which gave them function.

I pick up
a bit of brass,
well machined
and useless.

For dVerse Open Link Night. It’s small but at least I wrote something.


19 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Believe it or not size isn’t everything! 😉

    I like this poem, is deserves to be a piece of steampunk jewellery and as Shan @awdures will tell you that is a big compliment!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Matt, you shine with this sort of implied not stated, lucid and specific imagery that seems to be about one thing and is really about so much more. It may be short, but it is as full as it could be of what needs to be there.

  3. gimcracks and thigamajigs…and bigger and better mouse traps..shiny, complicated…reduced to bits for the junkyard…or forever whirling around in space…useless…all that thought and planning…and then…nothing. Brief, spunky write!

  4. And like many of your poems it left me saying, “oh yes!” and “oh no” and that is a big compliment too. Love your work. You may be the most prolific poet I know. And each a little jewel like this.

  5. when it all falls apart…ugh…and agree with’s very open to interpretation…wish for some glue to put it all back together again into a new tomorrow…

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