The Hunting of the Quark

Amble down suburban streets.
Observe the admirable homes,
vinyl clad and sealed against
the elements. Note their lawns,
manicured, pesticized
and herbicized into obedience.

All is in accordance
with every city ordinance,
zoning code,
and neighborhood covenant.

Then dive within
any random atom
and things become disorderly,
electrons swirling in a blur,
refusing to be
pinned down
to any given place
at any certain time.

All is atremble with action,
being and nonbeing
at a breath.

Mesons and bosons,
quarks and all quanta,
everything seethes in rebellion
against human logic.

Each dances its own dance,
sings its own song,
keeps its own hours,
oblivious to any proclamation
by the town council.


15 thoughts on “The Hunting of the Quark

  1. Mesons and bosons,
    quarks and all quanta,
    everything seethes in rebellion
    against human logic….love this…and let them continue singing their own song…too much logic and order just drives me crazy…and i do the strangest things then…just to break out…ugh…

  2. Love the flow of this ..the human race loves to feel in control, keep order in the chaos, although we know in reality, that it’s impossible….great poem & thought provoking writing..

  3. I know some people find that look of compliance and order attractive, but it seems the ultimate in sterility to me–love the movement in this Matt–nice word dance to illustrate the final lines.

  4. Set them loose, wreak havoc on suburbia, or the planet. Oh wait, isn’t that what I spent my childhood practicing for by hiding under little school desks when we were sitting on top of the place they manufactured H-Bombs. Some good a desk would do as the earth was heading skyward! Loved this.

  5. Order, shmorda….yup. Put everything in order if you can, urbanite, surburbanite…chaos hides just around the corner. There are things out there, under there, within…not in our control…and the things that are…don’t remain so for long. Everything changes, and chaos is often part of that change. An interesting, and well executed write.

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