Beyond stirred or shaken,
more skittish, he sipped
his martini. It did not soothe
as hoped.

After downing the last,
he nibbled the olive
off its swizzle.

His left eyelid
twitched with vim
while he asked the waitress
for another long-stemmed
handle on comfort.

He stacked
a pile
of small stakes.

Very late addition to dVerse Open Link Night


13 thoughts on “Lounge

  1. I can hear the muzak, and see the flickering lights–experience has shown me that pile just won’t hold back the night at all, but that seldom stops anybody once the twitch gets going.. As always Matt, you make every detail count.

  2. More than fitting for that OpenLinkNight vibe! Loved how crystal clear it all was…I can see him and hope that perhaps solace is found at the bottom of one of those glasses

  3. Love the last phrase:
    “He stacked
    a pile
    of small stakes.”

    Peace, Siggi in Downeast Maine
    PS…I finally figured out how to add the gravatar…
    my cat Bianca !
    Look for the cute little white face looking back at you ☺.

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