Reading Other Poets

The ear
waits, alert
for the faulty phrase,

the one word
toward insincerity

or saccharine blush
in a bower
of pansies.

trims the “that”
that has no business here,

weeds the snarl
of ubiquitous,
blooming adverbs.

in minutiae.


to pithy haiku.

A poem for dVerse Open Link Night

36 thoughts on “Reading Other Poets

  1. I think we all do this, Matt….perhaps the downside of being human?

    And I would love some of Shakespear to be culled or converted into haiku.


    wonderful, honest poem.

    Lady Nyo

  2. Very nice write. I’ll echo the haiku comments. Really wonderfully done.

    I tend to read with enjoyment. And amazement in some cases.

    Still tend to get nervous when some one reads my stuff though. But I love writing too much to stop.

  3. Yes, we bring all our own forms of bias along when we read, and I am constantly editing, but seldom here, Matt, where you use words with great respect and economy. Nicely turned out critique of critique.

  4. Well said, it is easy to criticize…but just as easy to fall in love with everything and everyone…I haven’t got it down yet, my mind still sways and judges, but I’m working on it.

  5. This is awesome! And I have tweeted as such 😉 You’ve been peeking over my shoulder while I try to sort my notes haven’t you! And yes..that pithy Haiku resonates with me as well

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  7. Very interesting take. Never realized this aspect of reading others work, but in a way, you know, you’re definitely onto something here. Nice job. Thanks

  8. I’m laughing, but also gnawing my nails wondering how you’ll receive my next offering, damn you! So right on, tho, Matt!

  9. Doesn’t matter if it’s our own or others, the editor is in the read..even more so when we’re not “in love” with the words [our own] – nicely done, sir!

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