Sailing Solo

Earth’s prow
rides over
the blue edge of day
into night.

I take readings
of the Moon,
Alpheratz, Diphda,
Glenah, and Al Na’ir.

Sextant, log,
compass and quill,
straight edge
on ocean chart
marks my course.

Sails snap crisp, then bloom
with the breeze.
The halyards hum
from their high shackles
to the cleats at the foot
of their masts.

Salt scented mists
blow across the deck
and I lean to my journey
till daybreak,

when I return
to where I began,
the same maple
and locust waves
cresting over the lawn’s
uncharted depths.

Poem for dVerse Open Link Night


29 thoughts on “Sailing Solo

  1. Okay, you know that’s one of my favorite poems EVER.

    Uncharted depths here in my lawn too. And uncharted stars above to sail that prow clear around the globe many times and back.

  2. Wow – love the halyard – you had me racing for a nautical dictionary. I too have a sextant, compass and log to chart my course – and a lawn with uncharted depths.

    This poem is masterful – I love the sails – keep leaning into the journey πŸ™‚

  3. nice matt..sounds like after all you had a good time sailing the easter holidays…no matter if it was a real sail or metaphorical…and sometimes sailing alone makes us feel things much more intensive…the joy and the pain

  4. Way to work the metaphor. I love the list words in the second stanza–they give the whole thing color and personality–and the ending drops a fine anchor.

  5. Love sailing — just went once with my nephew but will never forget the set sails and the his earnest sailing across to the shore! Thanks wonderful picture held in time by your words shared!

  6. Night sailing with Winkin’ Blinkin’ and Nod – detailed beautifully riding velvety waves with the ship in high relief, the soft breezes fluttering the sails only to wake to the crisp cicada hum and the lawns of suburbia lying before you. Immaculate detail and a truly poetic journey!

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