Bound leather volume
cracked open, pored
over and into my mind,
yellowed pages
cut apart with a knife,
letters impressed
on the paper, imbued
with ink. The spark
of another’s thought
is handed me
through intervening

Slim black case,
white screen,
thousands of souls
rise to my fingertips.
I choose one
pure voice, untainted
by time, touch
to turn the page.
Whisper of a friend.

(I was tempted to add “and I don’t sneeze” to the second stanza. 😀 )


3 thoughts on “Medium

  1. Matt
    excellently expressed
    I do struggle with my kindle
    it doesnt smell or feel the way…

    hope all is well with you:)

  2. I can smell that dust…and book dust has a special scent. Still, those yellowed pages hold a special magic that the white screen can never attain.

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