Bowling With Clients

Superman swoops
to stop a bus
but the driver rolls over
black forelock,
red cape, transfer
and all.

Batman gets killed
at Kilroy’s bowling alley
in an argument
over how to hold the ball,
where to slip one’s thumb,
the swing of the arm
and timed release.

Wonder Woman chugs beers
at the bar, then dies in a dare.
A bullet sails through
her left bracelet,
her wrist, and torso.
She slumps, muttering
about Athena and the Aegis.

Seated in back
of their stock, white van,
three men in blue jump suits
listen on headphones,
record the city’s conversations
for Lex Luthor
as they ride around town.

After work
they bowl at Kilroy’s
with clients who scream wild-eyed
as they sail down the lanes.
Clients always get wedged
in the ball return.


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