It sends a shuddering cool
down the neck,

raises spray
of Niagara, Victoria,
and Angel Falls
far above the roar,
into a rainbow kiss
of sunlight,

wars among
fighting kites,
draws a razor
across the string
until one dragon
flies in a bowl of sky,

grinds desert sand
into every engine gear
then burns through
a hopeless, plodding

rattles bones
against each other
in a barren
winter orchard:

That which I bring
on the light current
between my lips
and your ear.
For dVerse Open Link Night

22 thoughts on “Jongleur

  1. The power of the word, the tale, resides in how well its told–beautifully, expressively and succinctly here.

  2. Quite loving and charming poem addressed to your beloved. I really enjoyed the way you characterize your words struggling through all obstacles to come to be in their ear. A very charming vision of love and adoration of the beloved.

  3. Wow WOW WOW – I thought this was absolutely magical – So Chinoiserie in its images – pulling in all they represent bowl-sky-dragon as backdrop to the song itself. This is masterful, elegant, and moving. I absolutely love it.

  4. Well, ain’t that a right awesome ending to an equally awesome poem!

    And this reminds me I never did see the ending of that movie about the 2 young boys in the Middle East and their kite competition. Cousins, were they? No, one boy a servant’s son, i think. And I never did see the end of Fiddler On The Roof, either. One day I’ll finish both those movies! Yes, one day indeed.


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