An assortment of twitter poems

Beautiful cemetery:
The sly smile of earth
eating its dinner.


Soft heart
in sharp angles.


Raven cries
then pecks the eyes.


Her poems:
too rigid,
too hard,
raised in wooden chairs
and told to sit straight.


The grace
to be unmoored
from your expectations
and sail
my own seas.


To be true
the artist must be cruel

to himself,
not others.


Second guessing
every word
I never told you.


He boils his days,
dried rose memories
for hours,
then drinks.


A familiar face
blooms fresh
each day
of her forgetting.


A sugar coating
of eccentricity
around a dark chocolate
of crazy.


Throwing memories
off the tailgate
like hay bales
for hungry cattle.


Old coin.
worn down
to a slug.


Chasing small dreams
with a large net.
Still empty.


One thought on “An assortment of twitter poems

  1. I enjoy, “sly smile of earth eating its dinner.” What is it about cemeteries that make them so beautiful? Maybe something to do with the freedom of feeling completely alone yet being surrounded with signs of human caring. Plus, the well-placed stones, trees and healthy, fertilized grass are all pretty to look at.

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