From Fish to Food

He stuns the bass
into a deeper silence
with his wooden knife handle,
scrapes off the scales
using the blade’s dull edge,
then rinses the body.

Slicing up from the anus
to the base of the gills,
he reaches in,
pulls out
glistening entrails
and drops them
to the ground
where the cat begins
a fastidious nibble.

A deep chop
severs the head,
extra pressure
on the spine
for a clean break.

for the tabby
to ponder.

Under the tap again,
water and thumbs run through
the cool body cavity,
removing any hint
of life.


3 thoughts on “From Fish to Food

  1. Neat. The cat is like my cat. The running water makes the task less gruesome. I can feel the bones.
    Possibly ‘refuse’ needs not to be there?

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