Our Luna

The rain gathered beneath her.
She beheld the sun, the cloud,
her own darkness facing the world—
a darkness beyond the billowing
of distant storms.

The world saw half of her,
and it always waxing and waning.
On rare days she shone full,
but usually she appeared lacking,
some part nibbled away
by silent, tormenting shades.

She blamed herself
for what was beyond her doing,
saw herself only as barren landscape
pocked with craters, a deep shadow
always turning upon her,
and forgot how lovely she was
in others’ eyes.


For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub


24 thoughts on “Our Luna

  1. I felt the power of this wonderful poem, Matt ~ & touched a plethora of low human esteem as I read your words: the beauty of a multitude of people ‘nibbled away’ by society’s pressures, by cultural demands & by the tendencies of some to belittle & humiliate. The truth within the beauty of your poem has made me feel quite sad …

    • Thank you. My aim in life is to make people feel quite sad. 😉 The inspiration for the poem was someone who is plagued by depression, a shadow beyond her doing. But your interpretation is also a valid one.

  2. well your poem truly shone your thoughts about sadness
    and not seeing ourselves thoroughly
    powerful words…
    and sometimes all we need is someone to shine their light at us
    and in the moment we see the glow that truly is us
    I hope who ever inspired this poem gets to read it
    and see themselves

    from one Luna to another

  3. A beautiful, sad poem….this resonated for me…that last verse says it all…no one sees themselves as they actually are, when they’re depressed…just a skewed, negative version….so good, Matt

  4. Neatly woven analogy, the damaged persona, and the moon often associated with the emotions, especially those that we can’t control, that wax and wane and are beyond our powers to sometimes even endure without being nibbled away.( I am not quite sad yet, but that’s because writing dark poems about annihilating evil creatures lifts my spirits. I will work on it. )

  5. I think you have captured womanhood very well here. Even those not suffering from depression, are clouded with doubts and never see themselves as others do. One always assumes that the great beauties among us walk with arrogance and self assurance; however I have found they do not. Their bearing is yet another mask covering their own insecurities. The moon, the best metaphor!

  6. I am familiar with the theme here and also likened my mood to the moon at times, if it were to think like a man in an orbit of self doubt. Thanks for realing me back in. Excellente!

  7. I would say that you’ve captured the female perspective very well… I like the use of lunar imagery and the melancholy feel to this piece. Well written Matt!
    I specifically love these lines:

    her own darkness facing the world—
    a darkness beyond the billowing

  8. so strong and insightful… i love the language and the underlying tones. i will tell her again, next time i see her, how beautiful she is.

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