My Restless Ghost

I return again
to where the axle snaps
and the car caroms
from my insistent path.

Tumbling across four lanes,
the median and four more,
the terror in each eye
rests upon me.

To each I am Abaddon,
the grave, and they pray
my swift passage,
that I may cause no delay.

Paid angels search
among roadside weeds
for my body
while the traffic roars past.


17 thoughts on “My Restless Ghost

  1. chilling man…my wife flipped her car end over end once…freaky…the first couple stanzas made me think of tht again…tht those are more worried about the delay than you says much of who we are…

  2. Matt! This is just a fantastic write…unique perspective makes it even more chilling. For more inspiration along these line, might I recommend giving Wintersleeps, “Weighty Ghost” a listen? I’ve a feeling you might just appreciate their songwriting skills…Loved it!

  3. oh heck… on my way to work accidents happen quite often as it’s a crazy busy road..and sometimes people tend to forget those that may got hurt just because they’re angry about the delay..

  4. That was unexpected!

    Fine control through form serves to emphasize the potential lack of it.. the suddenness of accident, death.

    ‘paid angels’..

    Langauge choices also make this precise and a powerful piece to read. Great stuff Matt.

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