Honorific of the Soul of Earth at the Limitless Ocean Shore

A Reflection Arising in Response  to the Lamentable Suggestion That Those Who Embrace People from Different Cultures and the Change Their Arrival Brings Must Do So out of Hatred of Their Own Skin

accepts ocean,
does not fear the waves.

Whether upholding
pine trees
or coral reefs,
earth remains


soil and stone,
with a heart
of fire.


For Open Link Night

Sometimes those old Chinese poetry titles are fun. 😉

And not to draw too fine a point on it, but here’s a photo of my kids.


13 thoughts on “Honorific of the Soul of Earth at the Limitless Ocean Shore

  1. there is something to be said of poems whose title is longer than the verse…ha…brilliantly done…and love the gentle wisdom in this…nature does a much better job tht we, i think

  2. You could write volumes on this topic–and the way blame and guilt are used as sledgehammers to reduce logic to rubble, but I like your poem, with its own heart of fire, much better.

  3. Simple, yet stunningly effective. In a 21st century civilized culture i think that we all need to at least consider a transient lifestyle in order to survive, and that includes embracing those who come and inevitably bring a rich diversity into our culture as we would expect to be welcomed if we were a stranger in another’s home land. Also, love this ” soil and stone, with a heart of fire.”which l hope applies to any of us willing to defend what we believe in. Thank you.

  4. Proud papa! Great looking kids! Don’t know about Chinese titles though. It get’s the point across without the need for prose, I suppose. But the shore accepting the ocean, the earth remaining the earth, with a heart of fire, regardless of whom (who?… never could get that right) she raises…. just absolutely stunning poetry ……. I must have read this ten times and it would not have been the same with a different title, so ……… Bravo!

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