For My Parents

A river
pulled back to its source,
pebble strewn rill
overgrown with reeds,
cannot fathom
the brown churning depths
it’s retreated from.

It plashes
in this nursery of oceans
where each small stone
holds a story.


17 thoughts on “For My Parents

  1. Beautiful description….. Is this for your parents, or about them? From the first stanza I got the impression that they are at the point in their lives when they are beginning to pull back, to retreat into their retirement and content to just watch the rest of the world go by. I apologize if I have that wrong, but it is so ingenuously crafted…. Truly a piece of art in the making…..

  2. The “nursery of oceans” is an outstanding metaphor. As for rewriting – my inner proofreader is demanding an apostrophe in ‘its’, but he wouldn’t change anything else … smiles

  3. First time here, thanks to friends who follow you. I love the idea of small stones; I believe we are the small stones who embark on that sometimes tumultuous journey… and your parents, a fine way to honor them.

    Peace, Amy (PS I think you mean “it splashes” instead of “plashes”? Just want to point it out in case this goes for publication. A)

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