That Song

The one no one else
is supposed to know I like
because it’s by a band
that took a wrong turn
in forming.

I hum the tune softly
and look over my shoulder
to make sure no one
is listening

and remember the ride
home on the bus
senior year
when we didn’t make
the championship,

when I thought the mention
of childhood friends
poignant, and riding off
in a starship
a good career move.

It still sounds
like a plan.

For dVerse Poets Pub‘s Open Link Night which starts at 2 pm Central time today.


16 thoughts on “That Song

  1. ha. i would take a trip on a star ship for sure…pearl jam was like that for me…we were listening to them before they hit mainstream and i remember similar feelings driving along in Charlies car jamming out…

  2. I love the metaphor – most of my poems contain a mistake in the forming. I think that is true of the one I wrote today. But the bigger metaphor here, of course, is one’s own life. I made a large mistake once and if I hadn’t the people who are alive and in my life now wouldn’t even exist. Funny thing about that stuff. We could explore the lesson of Ringo and the heralded best band of them all. … but would they have been the Beatles without my cousin Buddy? Great work Matt.

  3. Both poignant and thoughtful. Sad really to ride home after not making the championship. Hard especially when we try so hard. Even the band that made the wrong turn tried. We all try….and sometimes succeed, but often fail!

  4. This was fun–revisiting old dreams, plans, disappointments, and secret songs. Musical taste seems to be such a personal thing, but really there are elements that make it forever universal.

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