A Cavalcade of Twitter Poems

I wake well before dawn
carry a white resin chair
out to the field road,
sit and watch the darkness
float away

I am a distillery of words,
my twisted frame
drunk on their sound,
waiting for the flood
to course through me again.

Grain of sand
on fire

a low thrum
in the brain
to thwart memories.

One brief, shining moment
then the neighborhood went dark.
I nervously return the wiring to Home Depot.

Making a name for myself
no one else
can pronounce.

when you’re not in
for the long rhyme.

The stars
carry answers to questions
no one remembers the asking.

The sidewalk:
where worms
go to die.

A break in the clouds
one brief flash

To sleep, perchance
to hear
a bird screaming in the tree outside my window all damned night.

she burns
to be wanted,
for me

narcissist who’s nothing
but an ass

meteor shower
of kisses
a sizzle that doesn’t last

beggar stands in line
at the fast food place
runs out the door
when he’s got enough
for beer

teen face
a blister pak
of acne

burning bridges
on the last one
he stands in the middle

he found his salvation
in broken shards

hunger led him
to golden arches
and then disdain

he swam
from one dive to the next.


One thought on “A Cavalcade of Twitter Poems

  1. On a roll ! So many I loved…enjoyed most. My favs:
    Me as a teen: ☺
    teen face/a blister pak/of acne
    ♥ Drunk/he swam/from one dive to the next.
    ♥ ♥ arse-issist/narcissist who’s nothing/but an ass
    As I go back, I find more and more to be ones I want to remember ! Thanks,…a great and enjoyable share of your poems.

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