no hold left

each day
through clouded rooms
not of fire or hashish
but dulled to memory
nothing as it once was
the furniture all wrong
the people gone
saying hello
as I pass
to the walls
which remain
blank white
yet dinged
by creeping time

each night
beyond pale stars
and the rising orange moon
to vast realms
of permanence

by one sharp streak
across the sky
and gone

I tumble

For Open Link Night #111 at dVerse Poets Pub (was torn between this poem and the previous one for Open Link Night)


21 thoughts on “no hold left

  1. I tumble… isn’t that what we experience so many times in life?
    I can relate with it, but that is in quite a negative way. I found in it a sort of numbness which I could feel.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. For me, this had overtones of reflecting on the day just past before I go to sleep; there’susually osmethign to marvel at and something I wish I had not said or done.

  3. For me, this reminded me that we only experience anything once. We can revisit a place, but it no longer can be experienced exactly as the first time. This can be painful when we are sentimentally attached, and so we cling to the idea of permanence..

  4. this has such a lovely sense of eternity to it… and a universal feel as well, something we can all relate to. those make the very best kind of poems.

  5. I like the “I” as a time rider, a celestial body as it falls, floats, collides, and tumbles. Another fine piece Matt. Your poetry is getting more complex, yet staying true to your own clear voice.

  6. The semi-sleep state just before going into a deep sleep is often for me a time my mind takes me to memories, only slightly distorted.Your poem put me in mind of such times. it also reminded me that everything changes, the abstract characteristic of life

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