In a Richer Vein

The maladjusted sheep
took a poll among the wolves
who said she’d do much better
if she rested on the ground,
four hooves in the air.

She agreed with their assessment
then laid down in repine
and occasionally repose,
waiting for their breath
to weigh upon her ear.

A life of grazing got too boring
so she let their perfect teeth
slice the iron of her blood.

As she lay there dying
she remembered Michelangelo,
how he saw the angel in the marble
then carved to set it free.

For dVerse Open Link Night #114


12 thoughts on “In a Richer Vein

  1. I too, always liked that concept of setting the forms free from the marble…I don’t think tho, I got the full impact of this write…I’ll come back later to read again…the metaphor escapes at the moment…

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