I’d Chance a Fin Before a Fist

A fish in murky depths
tickles Ptolemy’s ear.
Being marble,
Ptolemy doesn’t twitch.

He keeps his dignity,
considering he lost his base
and wound up on his back
at the bottom of the sea.

One of a tide of fifteen Ptolemys,
which he is remains unclear,
his cartouche partly covered
by an acorn barnacle.

Today Ptolemy’s being raised
by ropes and block and tackle
onto a barge, then carted
to a museum

where he’ll remain
a respected has been
until our world is bathed
again in anarchy.

He’ll maintain impassive calm
even when shattered
along his every vein
by the roaring mob.


This is for dVerse Open Link Night. Still not sure about the title, or anything else.


16 thoughts on “I’d Chance a Fin Before a Fist

  1. You do yourself a disservice in refering to this as ‘Dreck’. I found it very marvelous in its point of view of Ptolemy. Not only a statement on a work of art but on the way history works its way into our lives. I thought it very imaginative and astute. >KB

  2. you know…i’m wondering if he liked it more to be underwater with the fish and mermaids than fixed in imprisoned in a museum….ha…oooohhh…that’s just me…. smiles

  3. I appreciate the diction in this piece. I know and have come to know you are a serious poet given the quality of your compositions. What I love about this piece is the fact it is not one to be glossed over. Some of the diction requires the reader to get a dictionary. When I see poetry such as this, using such words, I know the poet has written a serious piece of work, as well as has put the time into seriously considering content. Bravo!

  4. Fascinating. Is this fiction, or fact? History is always amazing, and this makes one wonder what this astronomer, mathematician, geographer, astrologer and singular poet would have thought of the hoopla surrounding his “resurrection!”

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