Have you heard?
Hold a raindrop.
Peel apart the petals
clasped within.

Count the flowers
tumbling down
through this long interlude
of rain.

Infinite vibrant colors
lie hidden in the clear,
in the white haze between here
and the far tree line

bereft of leaves,
clothed only in droplets
trailing down
to the brown winter ground.

Hold breath
until the spring. Watch the sky,
alternating ashen gray and blue-faced,
fade away to night.

Night after night
until the gift arrives
of warm light dappled color
glowing through the green,

rising through our shoes
and raining blossoms down.
None of it seems possible now
but that’s the word.


I should be saving all these for some theoretical publication, but I never do.

For dVerse Open Link Night 129

26 thoughts on “Linguipotence

  1. Dreamy, yes I think that’s a good description. Here in CA it’s unusually warm, drought conditions. So we are enjoying the warmth, but at the same time feeling guilty about enjoying it because we sorely need the rain. My sister doesn’t want to hear about it as the snow falls and it’s 15 F.

  2. Vivid imagery here my man. A kaleidoscope of color appear in the readers mind. Plus, the pacing of the piece gives the reader time to enjoy the visual stimulation. Always great work from you.

  3. Looking out my window, you are right, it does not seem possible. Still, this was a lovely glimpse into what lies beneath that frozen landscape, I was there, for one brief moment 🙂

  4. raindrop petals turning into flowers…original and beautiful imagry….and yes you should save this an others for publication…~jackie~

  5. I can never save poems up for later either – but then, I do keep editing them, tinkering with them… so they are never quite the same.
    What a beautiful poem this is – my favourite lines, powerful in their simplicity:
    Hold a raindrop.
    Peel apart the petals
    clasped within.

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