Push Mower

A bright summer day,
I walk behind
the familiar roar
which turns

the dangerous blade,
which cuts its straight swirl
through row upon row
of inoffensive blades.

If I gaze at the green grass,
mesmerized by progress,
it could be any sunny day
of any year since my twelfth.

Grandfather James sits
under a shade tree,
observes traffic on the road,
monitors my progress.

Vincent tastes
cool well water, then returns
the porcelain cup
to its nail.

David hikes
into the east woods,
rifle at the ready
for rabbits in the underbrush.

Eternally unchanged,
they act out their lives
from the corner
of my eye

as I march forward
set on my task
of mowing down
what lies ahead.


25 thoughts on “Push Mower

  1. smiles…cool…i rather like cutting the grass…it is like a meditation to me…i like how even though you are set on mowing down///you are aware of others///and can appreciate as well their own rhythm of life…

  2. i always find that mowing the lawn has something so meditative and i like how it connects generation to generation…some lovely memories as well… my grandfather used to mow the lawn with a scythe… that always fascinated me

  3. I like the the picture you have drawn here really. I remember those lawn mower days, and actually I enjoyed them. There is something refreshing, I think, about the cutting of grass. And yes, it could be any sunny day since about my 12th too. I used to cut neighbors’ grass for $1……if you can believe that. I also like the mention, in your poem, of what other people are doing while you mow grass. I would hope that one of them would at least do the trimming. LOL. Enjoyed your poem.

  4. Very nice scene! Your poem evoked old memories for me too. I cut the grass as did my brothers. Then my parents got a bigger garden and a more powerful mower but we had moved out.

  5. I live in a townhouse and we don’t mow our own grass; but, I did once when I was at my dad’s house years ago. If you want your grass cut jagged, uneven and an all-around mess – I’M YOUR GUY!

  6. One reading gave me innocensemof a summer chore. Another showed me inoffensive blades standing ahead, only to be sliced without regard by a mechanized implement of the same name. What a powerful word picture that brought to mind!

    The last reading gave me a sense of the future being forcibly limited by a march observed by, and observation of, the past.

  7. I’ve missed reading you Matt Quinn. This is fine as is all your work..mowing down what lies ahead. Great metaphor for the “modern” world and simultaneously a nostalgic glance over the shoulder. Expertly rendered!

  8. Oh I like what you’ve done here.. so much is visible ‘from the corner of my eye’. I think the smell of cut grass is so evocative of past summers and you’ve brought it all together with a great edge – dangerous mowing..hmm.

  9. I feel as if you are watching them, knowing that they are content to be where they are…but you are looking ahead set with your task…wanting more. I enjoyed reading your work again.

  10. This has a fabulous circular momentum… I love the dangerous blade, inoffensive blades stanza particularly, and also loved the imagery of the others you catch glimpses of along the way. A new favorite for me of yours, just wonderful!

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